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Map Goes Live December 1st!

December 1-31 5:00-9:00 Nightly

What is Lewes Lights?

Lewes Lights, is a free, community holiday light tour., powered by Christmas spirit and decorated with cheer.  For the month of December, Lewes, Delaware homeowners & businesses decorate for the holiday season, illuminating our city in a cloak of light and joy. It's a gift from the heart for neighbors and visitors.


The annual tour map is published here on December 1st. Visitors can view our driving tour map, which shows all of the lighted homes and businesses as map points, and explore on their own at their own pace. The goal of Lewes Lights is to lift spirits, spread light & Joy, and bring our community together. We invite you to be part of our homegrown holiday tradition. While viewing lights, please shop or dine in Lewes to support our wonderful downtown businesses.

Thank you to the Lewes Lights homeowners and businesses who are the backbone of Lewes Lights. We ask you to encourage neighbors to register, post pics of your decorating to social media, and tag Lewes Lights. 

Spread your light and let's glow Lewes!

Joy, light, and Christmas spirit are contagious.


Who are we? Why do we do Lewes Lights?

Starting with who and what we are not is easier. We are not a professional organization, a large group of volunteers, corporate-sponsored, or a charitable organization raising money. 

We are people who love Lewes and started a tradition to raise the Clause-O-Meter in town and bring joy to all from 2 to 92.  The other Lewes Lights goal is to help our local businesses by bringing visitors into town to do some local shopping and dining. The main goal of Lewes Lights is spreading joy and miking Lewes a little brighter every December.


Christian Mullins and Debra Evalds started Lewes Lights spontaneously in 2020 during the COVID shutdown to raise spirits because we couldn't imagine Lewes without Christmas events. A few friends jumped in to help. The people of Lewes embraced Lewes Lights and decorated their homes and businesses like we had never seen before, so they are who to thank for making Lewes Lights a success! The collective Christmas spirit and joy was contagious, and we vowed then to do Lewes Lights for as long as we could keep people decorating and making Lewes glow.  

2023 is our 4th year and Debra has taken over the reins of the sleigh as Chair, with Christian helping keep the sleigh on course when he is needed. We have a few elves who help with signs, but we fund and organize this Lewes show ourselves. Self-starting volunteers are always needed to help increase sign-ups in their neighborhoods, send emails out through their HOAs or friends to get the word out, organize an event they create, help put up signs, or create a better map and self-guided tour. That map is really our biggest need and exceeds our talents. We would also love a Secret Santa to buy some more signs or a banner.


Send an email to to say hello and tell how you would like to help, share details about an event you want to host around Lewes Lights, or to send us Lewes Lights pics. 

We want to thank every home and business in Lewes that decorates and illuminates to make Lewes glow, as well as to every person who has contributed their help over the last 4 years. You are truly the hosts of this humble and homegrown show. Please keep Lewes Lights glowing! Thank you!!!!!

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