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Lewes Lights Homes from PastYears

Lewes is the first town in the first state, but not every home is historic. Lewes Lights homes range from small to grand, from historic to newer, from simply decorated to elaborate and professional, and from candles and greens to Clark Griswold lights. 

What makes the Lewes Lights tour great is the diversity of homes and decor, and never knowing what you will see on the next map point. 

ALL decorated properties east of Route One are welcome to register for the tour map. All you need are lights and a sign, so register your home or business today!

Send your Lewes Lights pics to to be featured on this page or on social media.

Home & Business Registration

I am a Lewes homeowner and/or business owner in the 19958 zip code East of Route One and would like to register my property to be featured on the Lewes Lights Tour Map

Spectator Updates

Please subscribe me to the Lewes Lights spectator email list and include details of the Lewes Lights annual maps when they are released.

Come to Lewes for the Lights and Stay to Support Local Businesses

Downtown Lewes is one of the most picturesque places on Delmarva, especially when lit up for the holidays. Shops can close early, so shop early, and stay after dark to see the lights and have a bite in town. Lewes hotels are open, so stay the night! Here are some of our downtown businesses wearing their illuminated finery.

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